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[RADIO] Yamashita Tomohisa Cross Space

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[RADIO] Yamashita Tomohisa Cross Space

Messagepar Rubymoon » 30 Mar 2012, 13:47

Il a été annoncé que Yamashita Tomohisa va commencer sa propre émission de radio "Yamashita Tomohisa Cross Space" le 6 Avril. Ce sera sa première émission de radio, et sera diffusée sur les 38 stations de radio de Tokyo FM.

Le nom «Cross Space" veut dire : "une équation pour révéler de nouvelles facettes de Yamashita". Non seulement l'auditeur, mais Yamashita lui-même découvrira de nouvelles facettes de Yamashita par le biais de "croisement" ou d'échanges avec ses invités.

«Yamashita Tomohisa Cross Space» sera tous les vendredis de 23h30 à 23h55 (JST) sur TOKYO FM station JFN38.

Maintenant ce que j'aimerais savoir c'est s'il va avoir un mail pour lui envoyer des questions maintenant qu'il parle un peu anglais !!!!
Le problème avec les émissions radio c'est qu'il n'y a pas de traduction, donc pour celles qui ne comprennent pas le Japonais cette info est totalement inutile XD
Mais il a quand même fallut qu'il se lance dans sa carrière solo pour enfin avoir son émission radio.... manque plus que l'émission télé !!
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Re: [RADIO] Yamashita Tomohisa Cross Space

Messagepar Langel86 » 16 Avr 2012, 22:25

J'aurais mieux aimé une émission télé, comme ca meme si on ne comprend pas, on peut au moins le matter LOL
Ah mais je suis tout de même contente pour lui pour son émission de radio, ca lui fait quelque chose de nouveau et une nouvelle expérience =)

Le premier épisode c'était un cross space avec lui-même!!

Une gentille fan a traduit cet épisode en anglais ^^

Good Evening. This is Yamashita Tomohisa. The new program Yamashita Tomohisa Cross Space starts from today onwards. Cross means to multiply. So I plan to talk about different things. It is aired on 38 network stations of Tokyo FM.

In fact this is the first time for me being a radio personality. Honestly I am nervous and wonder if I'm able to talk about 25 minutes long, but I think I can convey to you what I feel as it is. Furthermore as a radio personality I want to study eagerly in order to get hints about how to live a beautiful life and pass it on to you. So the title of the show Cross Space is the magic equation. In this section there will be various topics: from music, culture, adult's play to science. I expect to discuss about various stuff. So in other words there is no topic. However I convey to you the beautiful things that I experience. It is easier to understand when I put it that way. Anyhow, it's something like to meet people of different genres and to bring up a topic to talk about. I want it to be totally freestyle like anything to be multiplied. So from now on please take care of me. Let's leave that aside, tonight's first topic is Yamashita Tomohisa x Yamashita Tomohisa. Yes, today Yamashita Tomohisa will cross with himself. I am also looking forward to it, as I think through facing myself I will be able to see different things. Please stick with Yamashita Tomohisa Cross Space until 11:55. The first song brought to you is a song by Red Chili (Red Hot Chili Peppers) whom I love so much. Please listen: Dani California.


Toshiba CM

I guess most of you watched it on TV, on February* I traveled by car about 4000 km on Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica in America. It was 4000 km. It was the same length as that of two round trips to the Islands of Japan. Isn't that cool? Honestly I feel a sense of accomplishment that I drove by myself and completed it in two weeks (laugh). Well, I think it was a trip that I could brag fairly to a lot of people about. In fact the scenery in America left me a huge impression. First of all, the sky was very wide. It was really wide. Usually when I'm in Tokyo, I don't feel the wideness of the sky because of the rising buildings. The sky was so wide that I really sensed the earth that we live on. The sun was also very big. The sunlight was very strong, too. Morever I remember very clearly that the moon was very bright and beautiful at night. The stars were to be seen so clearly that I thought 'Can the stars be seen like that?'. I mean, I could forget all about the bad things really. Hmm, although it was a period for me to think about a lot of things, I forgot about them and thought that I was ok like that. Furthermore the nature made me do so. Then I asked various people about the things which they valued the most in their lives and thought about the form of happiness. Honestly I am very ambitious right now. Like I have to do this and that. I mean, of course, since i'm doing this job. But people who lived there were not like that. They cared about the things like family or good weather the most. They really valued things like the love of their family, not money nor material. I also met Native Americans. They valued the nature at any rate. They put on a bonfire and I thought about many things like how warm the bonfire was, things which I couldn't think about under the neons of Tokyo. Then something which the Native Americans said remained in my heart. They said that everything comes from nature, everything is a part of the nature. For example, even a car is a part of it. Surely, isn't that so? What we eat comes all from nature. So they said since we obtain everything from nature we should be grateful in any case. Weirdly, often in books that I read, it is written that gratitude is very important. Not only in one book. Therefore I realised that it is important to be grateful for various things. Moreover I fixed my eyes on myself and had a hunch what I should do. I really want to recommend Route 66. Well, I want you absolutely to travel by car, not necessarily by car, you can also travel by bycycle (laugh), when you get stuck in life.


The new program Yamashita Tomohisa Cross Space started from today onwards. Today's cross theme is: Yamashita Tomohisa x Yamashita Tomohisa. In this case Yamashita Tomohisa will cross with himself.

First of all let's begin with the first cross: Yamashita Tomohisa, is he an adult now? That's how it is. Yeah, I don't know whether I am an adult or not right now. You see, I really don't know. In fact in three days I'll welcome my 27th birthday. Well, when I was in elementary school, I imagined a 27 years old person as a real grown up. I thought they lived completely in uncharted territory. Actually, although I become 27 years old I am still a child. To that extent that it is enough to startle someone. Just, I went drinking with my high school mate last week. When I chatted with him, I turned into my high school self again. It was mutual. I mean, the way we talked turned into that in high school times, too. Words like 'maji de' (really), 'yabee' (means cool or awful). Like the way of speaking (laugh). We made gags which were popular in high school times. Definitely some part of me has grown up. For example my sense of responsibility has come out. But still, in my opinion basically people don't change. Anyhow, am I still a child? Is that so? I only have desire to have a good time (laugh). I don't think about anything else other than enjoying life. But I do my job seriously. The reason for that? Because it is fun! Yes! Sorry about that one (laugh). So, I think I can do my job seriously as it is fun. Is it good enough?

Well, then let's continue with the next cross. Who does Yamashita Tomohisa respect? Eeee, person that I respect... There are people that I respect. They are grown up men. Lily Franky and Fukuyama Masaharu. They often take me out to drink, there I listen to various conversations. Occasionally I don't understand what they say since they talk about difficult stuff. However just by listening to them I learn a lot. In other words both Lily San and Fukuyama San are in their forties and they are much more grown up than me. But both of them still glitter. Like, they don't give up at all still trying their best. That is so cool that I want to become a man like that. Of course, someone who gives up doesn't have any charm, does he? Lately I've come to think that someone who accepts everything as it is is definitely not cool. After all, all human beings will die. But I find it cool to try eagerly one's best. Therefore I think even when I become forty, I want to be someone like Lily San or Fukuyama San who still doesn't give up and aims steadily to reach at the top.

Well, then let's continue with the next cross. What is the best way to end a life according to Yamashita Tomohisa? That is a difficult topic. The best way to end a life. What could be the answer? I don't know how I will die. I will vanish from this world when I die. I will remain only in people's memories and hearts. So I want people to recall me as a good guy rather than a bad guy when I die. Therefore I should live not only for my own sake but also for the sake of the others. I want to make the precious people around me happy. I want to make people smile. If I live like this, I will be happy regardless of which way I die. Lately I've come to that conclusion. Hmmm, recently I've acted in a drama called 'Saiko no Jinsei no Owarikata'. There was a line in the script: 'True love is to live not for his own sake, but for the sake of the others'. I think that is really true. I can't evolve by living just for my own sake. When I live thinking of the others, various things get connected, too. I believe that if I live eagerly every single day and think about the others I can welcome the best way to end a life.


Yamashita Tomohisa Cross Space aired on 38 network stations of Tokyo FM. Today as the topic was Yamashita Tomohisa x Yamashita Tomohisa, I crossed with myself. Yeah, you see, I was nervous because it was the first time for me. To say what I have in mind is very important and also fun. Also, when I put it into words I become more aware of my own way of thinking. I felt this kind of pleasure today. Not just to think to myself, but also to put it into words and to convey is very important and fun. Although I did it for the first time, I really felt like this today. From next week onwards I'll continue with cross talk based on the topic which I am curious about. Furthermore I'll do cross with the guests of different genres. I'm looking forward to it. Please send your requests for cross theme to me. Send your messages to this address: http://www.tfm.co.jp/cross. I'm waiting for many messages. Please take care of me. Well, then I'll leave you with my latest single on sale 'Ai Texas'. Yamashita Tomohisa Cross Space. That's it. That was Yamashita Tomohisa. Have a nice weekend. Bye bye.

*If I hear correctly, he says ni-gatsu ni (on February).

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